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Cops saw video of them beating man to death before writing reports

• LA Times
Supervisors allowed Fullerton officers involved in a violent confrontation with a homeless man to view the footage to help them write up accounts of the incident. A former LAPD official calls it a 'bad practice.' 

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Comment by David Jackson
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   "Bad practice"? It's simply one more element of a systemic cover-up. If they view the tape(s), it will "help them write up the incident), for sure. It will help them get their stories together, so they all lie using the same words and chronologies.

   This is just the tip of the ever-growing and -pervasive police state, that is being promoted and fostered in every city in the U.S., with the duplicity and willing sanction of the federal politbureau.

    You can tell how pervasive and ensconced illegal activities are by the level of complicity: It would appear that the ACLU, state police, governor's office, State Attorney General, FBI, and so-called congressional leaders are quaking in their boots on this one. Surprise...Surprise...Surprise!

Comment by Hawkeye
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Everyone knows what they are doing.They`re making up a story with the help of their leaders.

These low life pieces of shit will go home and hug their wife,and children,eat some super,and sleep like a baby.Remember!! these scum bags live next door to it you?