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Capitol Cop Assaults Videographer During Lemonade Stand Protest

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At first glance, you would think she would be the less aggressive cop.

After all, she looks to weigh only about 110 pounds.

But she was the only U.S. Capitol police officer who assaulted a videographer during Saturday’s lemonade stand protest in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   Who cares what she looks like? She did what she thought she had to do to convince her fellow goons that she's one of them. (How about some dialogue on "what she is"?)

Comment by Ronald Angel
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See the insanity. If they asked for donations, they would have been arrested for trespass. They should have the camera protected with a Taser, shock that female security officer. The camera operator cannot sue her for assault, because the elite protect their drones.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Hey, she probably had inferiority, weak of mind and character issues.  Now she has a shiny badge, a fine hat and a gun.  She's no longer little people.  You WILL respect her authoritay!

Comment by Hawkeye
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What is her name? Make sure her children,and,or,family see this video.This Woman has neighbors..who are they?Do you live next to this animal?Do these types have homes,and families?Are they real?Are they hung up in some locker at the end of the day?..SHOW THIS TO HER KIDS NOW!!!!