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Man Arrested At FEMA Checkpoint After Video Recording Federal Guard

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A conspiracy theorist who suspected that federal officers writing down license plate numbers in Colorado had something to do with the earthquake the previous day was arrested for refusing to provide identification.

It all started when Chris Geo, who runs the site Truth Frequency Radio, walked up to a guard shack leading to a FEMA warehouse with a video camera Wednesday.

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Here again this shows that the real problem lays with those that follow the orders of those that have funded these camps into existence through the use of taxpayer monies. Not one of those people in Washington that will someday call for these camps to be filled with the U.S. population are going to be out there directing the deportation of the cities to these camps. Just like for all of those millions that died during WW2, it was those that went out and did the will of those behinded closed doors. Hitler, Stalin, Moa, Churchill and Roosevelt didn't take up the guns and force an innocent public to their deaths. It was all those that follow these devilish orders, and they all do it for a pay check. A pay check which is the same as those 30 pieces of silver.

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