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A woman testifies against Tulsa cops in a corruption case, and is expected to testify in her family’s related civil suit against the city. In the weeks after the criminal trial, police get warrants on outstanding traffic violations, all misdemeanors, going back to 2007. Naturally, the police serve these warrants by forcing their way into her home.

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Comment by David Jackson
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    What did she expect?

     In a dictatorship, you simply don't tell the truth about the abuses that you suffer at the hands of the administrative (enforcement) thugs. they have more rights than the people, and they aren't about to allow their authority to be questioned. It's a no-win situation at every juncture. THEY ARE THE SYSTEM'S safeguard against being dethroned or replaced. This is what you get when there is no accountability and the weakest links in society have control of the "legal system". Little wonder that the smucks in government and law enforcement want to disarm the population of the United States...Completely!

   It's no cliche that "Armed men and women are citizens and unarmed men and women are subjects." (Thugs with guns and badges simply can't, ultimately, subjugate an armed populace, and they know it!) It bothers the hell out of them that people might eventually get fed up with being abused and murdered, for the greater good of a gang of losers who persist in manipulating and degrading the rights and liberties of all Americans, in their quest for self-importance, and to keep from being removed from their positions of "power" and control.)

   This woman should be a national hero! At least they haven't burned her at the stake - yet!

    These freaks will do whatever they damn-well please - and do - with absolutely no regard for legal, moral, or ethical considerations. Wake the hell up, folks!!!!!!!  

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