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Today on - Tuesday September 27th 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Trial by Police State
Lew Rockwell on the real US justice system.
Should We Support Palestine or Israel?
How about supporting America, asks Ron Paul.
Love It or Leave It?
The government doesn't own you, me, or America, says Mike Rozeff.
Molested and Gouged
Wilt Alston on the friendly skies.
Were the Conspiracy Theorists Right?
Does the snarky, little gullwing Aptera coupe get 400 mpg? Article by Eric Peters.
Imagine Freedom
Real and total. Article by David Gordon.
The Gold Correction Will Last Several Months
I plan to buy on the dips, says Jim Rogers, and the same goes for silver.
Ever Heard of the Haqqanis?
Paul Craig Roberts on the latest orchestrated threat.
Hey, Ben: Welcome to LRC
Fed opens vast op to spy on its internet critics.
Conning the Con Men
Nigerian letters to DC.
Did Explosions Bring Down the Twin Towers?
Norwegian scientists say they know what happened (if not to Building 7).
Hope You Never Get This
The symptoms of leaky gut are awful, says Margaret Durst, but fixable naturally.

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Comment by PureTrust
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With regard to "Imagine Freedom," freedom is NEVER real and total. And you can prove it to yourself. Here's how.

Next time there is a full moon, go outside and take a look at it. Say, "I am really and totally free." Then say, "Tonight I am going to jump to the moon." Then jump, and see how free you are to do what you say.

Good government is about living according to the laws that we are all part of and that are part of us. Bad government is about trying to twist the laws into something that they were not meant to be. Whichever way, government is here to stay. Real and total freedom has to do with using government in a good way.

Comment by PureTrust
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With regard to "Did Explosions Bring Down the Twin Towers?," of course they did. But it was the molten aluminum/water explosions that the demolition team was worried about. Those explosions could throw their timing off, and cause the building to collapse sideways, onto other buildings in the area.

The real question is, how and when did the demolition team bring the explosives into the building in the first place? Or might it be that all those big buildings are secretly built with the explosives in them, in preparation for some time in the future when their destruction might become economically desirable?