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Ron Paul: Drone attacks are reason 'people of Pakistan can't stand our guts'


GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul said Sunday that the U.S. military is inciting a civil war in Pakistan.

The Texas Republican said the civilian casualties resulting from the Pentagon's drone attacks over Pakistan and other countries only create more enemies at the expense of homeland security.

"Sometimes they miss and sometimes there's collateral damage. And every time we do that, we develop more enemies," Paul said on Fox News Sunday.

"We're dropping a lot of drone missile/bombs in Pakistan and claim we've killed so many, but how about the innocent people [who have] died? Nobody hears about that. This is why the people of Pakistan can't stand our guts and why they disapprove of their own government," he said.



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Comment by Powell Gammill
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When you drop precision munitions that kill everything within a 1,500 meter radius it is a little hard not to have collateral damage.  But the clever solution is to designate everyone killed or injured by any bomb dropped as a terrorist or their associates. 

It is the terrorists own fault using those weddings, birth and coming of age celebrations as cover for their nefarious terror activities that the CIA has to bomb to keep our freedoms safe in AMeriKa.