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What About Driving While Confused About Distracted Driving Laws?

• The Agitator
But you’ve just taken the problem of too many jurisdictions having varying definitions of distracted and made it exponentially worse. Now whether or a motorist has violated the law is at the individual discretion of every police officer in the country. You now have about 600,000 different definitions of distraction.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      Make no mistake,cops love this crap. For all their musings about "only doing their job", the biggest boon to their impotent lives is their ability to use "discretion" when it comes to "doing their job". Nebulous laws are a dream come true for them. They don't have to actually lie about why theiy stopped, harrassed, ticketed, arrested, or beat hell out someone as long as they can claim "they weren't clear" about what to do.

     Want to piss a cop off? Hire a lawyer or get lucky enough to come before a judge who isn't impressed by a police officers inflated self-image or -importance and gets your case tossed out. Cops hate to have their so-called "authority" challanged.

      Be careful; if you make a cop mad enough, you'll end up with "police protection" everywhere you go, for a long, long time.