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VIDEO: French Revolution and Lady Gaga


Music videos we made to make teaching history more fun. – HistoryTeachers

Dominant Social Theme: The relevance of rock.

Free-Market Analysis: We don't know if this is a good development or a bad one, but "HistoryTeachers" has started producing videos that educate by using rock and roll songs.

Now, we doubt this is a government project (even if the history teachers involved are from public schools); rather, we see here again, as before, FA Hayek's spontaneous order. Human beings are entirely capable of building on intellectual trends. We are an elaborating species. Culture is our currency.

Here's one about the History of Minoa set to the song "Creep," by Radiohead:

Spending my days
Painting dolphin frescoes
Bull leaping naked
In the palace of Minos

And he has a labyrinth
With a man eating bull
Says it's a death maze
Don't get trapped in the death maze

And I'm from Crete
I'm Minoan
Famous Thalasocracy
From 2000 BC

The Palace at Knossos
Has columns of red
And sometimes King Minos
Wears bull horns on his head

We worship a snake goddess
With interesting garb
Her skirt's long and flouncy
She has no top, you see

And I'm from Crete, etc ...

(Video titled "Ancient Minoan Civilization," posted at HistoryTeachers's YouTube User Channel)

We actually noticed this YouTube sub-genre (if one can call it that) when we came across a video that mixed the music of Lady Gaga with a narrative of the French Revolution.


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