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O.K., Now Ron Paul

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He also doesn’t believe in, well, let’s see: gun control, the death penalty, the C.I.A., the Civil Rights Act, prosecuting flag-burners, hate crime legislation, foreign aid, the military draft under any circumstances, campaign finance reform, the war on drugs, the war on terror and the war on porn. Also the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan.

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Comment by Anonymous
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Ufactdirt, are you serious? You are the only cross-eyed clairvoyant I know that’s also stone-blind.

You see, if lunacy is the required standard for electing a president, then you are right -- Ron Paul has a better chance to get elected president than Larken Rose, IRS’ jailbird. Rose is Mr. Tan’s favorite cop sharpshooter Aunt-Acid is worried about because the U.S. might get a terror-shot from him and his elks or cervus elaphus, you know, the Oklahoma-type of bombing anytime, any place, any day from now.

The problem in this country is that if convicted of tax evasion, your chance of becoming president is worse than that of Al Capone. You cannot even beat Charles Manson once that ambitious loony from hell breaks out of jail and run for president.


Comment by Ufactdirt
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I agree with this untreatable Paul acolyte that the American people will rise against themselves to elect Ron Paul president. In fact RP will become President next year. I saw it in my Tarot Cards.

If I am wrong, don’t call me. I call you next year.

Comment by PureTrust
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We all know the real reason that Ron Paul won't get elected (if he doesn't, that is). It's because RP won't resort to the dishonest tactics of hiring better voting machine hackers.

The current power elite - those in control right now - have proven that they are out to destroy the people. And the people are waking up to that fact.

Here is the main reason why RP might win. It isn't because RP has more charisma. It isn't because the media will start to advertise for him instead of against him. It's because the people in power - the ones behind the scenes, pulling the strings - don't want a complete overthrow of all they have attempted to do in the past. So they just might see to it that Ron Paul gets elected.

Have you seen the foreclosures rate in America? Have you seen the tent cities? Have you seen the labor union unrest? Have you seen the Occupy movements, the unrest among citizens in general? Even Wal-mart workers are becoming upset because they can't live on the WM wage anymore. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's only the visible part of how the nation really feels way down deep.

If more of the present politician-types get elected, they will do what they have been doing in the past, and America's problems will only get worse. Then the American people will rise up physically, and straighten things out using force. Not because they want to. But because they HAVE TO, just to survive. And the police just might be persuaded to act with the people if they (the police) want to survive.

So the powers behind the scenes just might see to it that RP is elected, to keep themselves from being overthrown entirely.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Look, getting angry does not make you anything good than how bad it already is. No matter what the two of you say, and notwithstanding how angry you are, and no matter how vile and dirty your comments hit below the belt, it would NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!! Author Collins shoved the picture of Ron Paul right in front of your face so that you can see why your "hero" is "UNELECTABLE"! Wake up. Like before, pretty soon this will be over …he will just fade away, and so will your noise that irritates everybody’s eardrum. No offense intended … just a wake up call to reality.

Comment by PureTrust
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"Because if they didn't vote for a lizard," said Ford, "the wrong lizard might get in. Got any gin?"

Read the beginning of chapter 36 of "Gitchhiker's Guide to the Galasy."

Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Thank you, Ed.   Very well said!

Comment by Psychictaxi
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The first five words of this article LIE - I'm not going to even read the rest. 

And I'm not going to even try to 'straighten out' the commenter who LIKES America saying fuck the LAW we will do things the way we WANT to and you can like it or suck it because that's how we do things in Today's Amerika, boychick!

"The founders would be ashamed with what we're putting up with!" - Ron Paul 

Comment by Venancio Tan
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Gail Collins narrated a truckload of what this country is all about that Ron Paul objects to, disapproves or doesn’t believe in. This OP-ED columnist is in total agreement with what I have written repeatedly that hardly would the Republicans give the nod to a candidate who is against almost everything: the Federal Reserves that America cannot be without, is his No. 1 abolish-baby; and from there he is against almost anything about America, "from abortion to Zionism". That’s why he is described as an "unelectable" candidate.

But I don’t think Ron Paul cares. As long as the camera is on him, he lives in the moment. That’s only what politicians want in today’s kind of politics.

A politician may do something good, but that’s purely incidental.