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Check Out The Moment This LA Police Officer Leveled His Weapon At A Reporter This Morning


Los Angeles city officials finally grew tired of Occupy LA protesters ignoring their eviction notice and moved in with police and crew in HazMat suits to clean up their camp.

There have been mixed reports of police abuse, and announcements that 200 protesters were arrested including several Occupiers who climbed trees and had to be shot down with bean-bag rounds, shaken out, and grabbed by officers in a cherry-picker.

The following video shows an officer lifting his weapon loaded with rubber bullets and sighting in on a reporter (via Jill Klausen). The recording skews out at about 2:24, but offers a glimpse into what the atmosphere was like in LA this morning.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      What a cartoon!

       I'd bet that these thugs all have Davey Crockett coonskin hats and Buck Rogers gear...Maybe even a Lash LaRue whip. If these misfits weren't so pathetic and dangerous, they'd be a laugh "riot".

      As for the abuse of firearms, it's what should be expected of poorly-trained and attitude-driven law enforcement. If you haven't been threatened with death by a cop, for simply being alive, your turn is coming. Before it's over, it will be a capital crime to do just about anything that some thug with a badge takes umberage to. Given the mental instability and lack of social skills that it takes to be a hired asshole and anti-American fellow traveller for the powers, this is really a serious and scary situation!

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