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SWAT Raids, Stun Guns, And Pepper Spray: Why The Government Is Ramping Up The Use Of Force

• by Radley Balko (Huffington Post)
In February of last year, video surfaced of a marijuana raid in Columbia, Mo. During the raid on Jonathan Whitworth and his family, police took down the door with a battering ram, then shot and killed one of Whitworth's dogs within seconds of entering the home and they wounded the other. They didn't find enough pot in the home to charge Whitworth with even a misdemeanor. (He was, however, charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia when police found a pipe.) The disturbing video went viral in May 2010, triggering outrage around the world. On Fox News, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer and Bill O'Reilly cautioned not to judge the entire drug war by the video, which they characterized as an isolated incident.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Are we to expect more of this after the president signs S 1867 into law? 

Comment by Dracula Tepish
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they are not police the are overgrown pussies who think they are being cool no they are not cool but cowards hiding their faces behind masks they will fall and reap the wind this ideology needs to be disbanded and neutered like rabid dogs that they are 

we need them like we need a hole in the head remember the spainish kid who was killed in tucson arizona same type of nazie inbreds htey are dogs in my idea of truth to be put down faster than ever they are the enemy and dumb as dirt


Comment by Temper Bay
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It would do the Government, and their enforcers, well to keep in mind that in a nation of armed free-men the 'use of force' can quickly become a two edged sword.

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