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Lobbyists Have Wrote US Laws That Have Set Up The Biggest Robbery In World History, And It Could Hap

• Jim March
You read a lot about the enormous transnational casino called "derivatives" on FreedomsPhoenix, but did you know that the banks invented a special "Chapter 15" bankruptcy process in 2005 that is only for "international financial institutions", and allows them to pay off the derivative gambling debts FIRST before even depositors? And that under US law no "court or agency" can do a damned thing about it? So if you're a major player way up in a "too big to fail" bank, you can rig a bunch of gambles to FAIL with an overseas accomplice, crash the bank, take it into chapter 15 and poof, all the money (and I mean ALL) goes wooshing overseas onto that same unregulated derivatives market. And you fly off to Monaco to retire before anybody knows what the hell happened. Cool, huh? Somewhere the ghost of Jesse James has a cosmic woody thinking about it...
Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard in 1973. Bill Clinton got rid of Glass Steagull in 1999, which took down the separation between the activities of Investment Banks (non-secured) and activities of Commercial Banks (FDIC Secured - tax payer secured). Wall Street and the world of finance have since become a global casino dealing derivatives now estimated at 1.4 quadrillion dollars from only billions fifteen years ago. Bloomberg News reported a secret cabal runs the world of finance. A world market correction and subsequent economic depression as the world has never seen is coming.


A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives

original article:
The Coming Derivatives Crisis That Could Destroy The Entire Global Financial System

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Comment by Anonymous
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Come on guys, we all like feelings "superior" but his is not a bad article.  His point is pretty important.  Don't get lost in your egos.    What he ultimately assumes is that lobbyist write that laws, but they do not.  THE AMERICAN BAR (British Accredited/Alliance Regency/Registry) ASSOCIATION, WHO SERVES THE CROWN TODAY, NOT THE US interests~ writes your legislation, including the Patriot Act.  So that is going to help you uderstand a little better the scum that advertises on this site and is not here for your liberties, but to lie to you for the Queen-Vatican world banking alliance (Mormons and their Banking cult included).   They are all creating Nazi Germany for us on a global scale, working together.  My ex, a Cohen, pointed out the racism and message of Disney's Lion King when I was too young and stupid to get it.  Now I get it.  We are being mocked in passive-aggressive ways and driven to scary places.  

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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Good God!  "Have Wrote" will get you an "F" in third grade. Where the Hell do you get your writers?

Comment by Doug Nusbaum
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I looked briefly at the Ch 15 law. It may be that the authors interpretation of this law is accurate. I know that to interpret complex law one must have a very good grasp of language. So I am not going to pay attention to an article written on such a subject that is entitled "Lobbyists have Wrote..." thus demonstrating one of possibly many things from not being a native speaker of English, to having a double digit IQ. What is definitely demonstrated is a lack of the command of the language in which the arguments are made. That is not a good sign 

Do not feel to bad. It took me a while to confirm this, as most grammar checkers online will NOT pick up the problem with perfect tenses. I should be either Lobbyists have written, or Lobbyists wrote.

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