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Napolitano Reports to CFR on Stasi Snoop Network (WOW!!! - Her chosen words are Scary)

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano traveled to New York to deliver a speech to the boss today. She told the Council on Foreign Relations there will be no departure from the Bush administration in regard to homeland security. It will be the same agenda with a few minor changes — for instance, the color-coded threat advisory will be chucked.

“Napolitano sang the praises of counter-terrorism intelligence being shared between federal, state and local agencies through arrangements known as fusion centers,” writes Frank James for NPR. Napolitano said she plans “to make them a top priority for this department to support them, build them, improve them and work with them.”

Translation: the feds will continue the full-steam ahead effort to federalize state and local law enforcement, an effort that began in earnest under Bill Clinton and picked up critical momentum during the reign of George W. Bush.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      Now...someone is "scared"? I'd say it's about 100 years too late. Does anyone with an IQ above room temperature really believe that the perverted Bush policies are going to be altered or in any way reduced in scope? My, God!, will someone please read a history book? We just don't get back rghts, once they've been taken away; that isn't the purpose in violating them, in the first place; and, it sure isn't the reason they are eliminated. When dictators and other scum decide to subvert and subjugate, they don't alter or reverse their treason and treachery.

     I've watched this country being subvrted and taken over by some of the lowest forms of life on earth, for most of my life. For that entire period of time, I've complained, cried out, argued, tried to reason, pissed and moaned, wrote letters, composed essays, made calls, and generally made a pest of myself; all I ever accomplished was to be ignored, denegrated, told I was overreacting, and called about every denigarting name in the book. At present, I would really like to have the time back. If I could assemble all the fools I tried to reason with, I'd do so, just to be able to tell them to --- ---- --- --! That goes double for a number of university professors.

     Save me a seat at the bonfire. I've been told that re-education camps are c-o-o-ld!