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FEMA Rep Says Our Founding Fathers Were Terrorists!!!

Need more proof this is real? -


FEMA is openly attacking the foundations of this country.

Here are some excerpts from the document:

"Students may be reluctant to consider the "Sons of Liberty" and other patriotic groups to be terrorists"

"The celebrated 'Boston Tea Party' was one of the acts of terrorism perpetrated by the 'Sons of Liberty.' The more famous members of the group included James Madison, Samuel Adams, and Benjamin Franklin."

Prepare to defend your life and liberty.

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Comment by David Jackson
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   The time has come when anyone who believes in freedom, individual choice, limited government, the rule of law, or just about any human right is going to be branded as a "terrorist". This is how we are all going to be expected to "think"; it will make it easier for us to imform on our friends and families and, as the need arises, kill them! Another post-history pre-history lesson...