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Why I Don't Think the Ron Paul Newsletters Are Very Important


Many voices whose accomplishments I otherwise respect think that the fact Ron Paul had associates who, for a brief period over a decade in the past, wrote some mean-spirited, nasty, and dumb stuff rooted in race and sexual orientation under his name is the most important thing to discuss about Ron Paul, and that the public condemnation and humiliation of those supposedly responsible is the most important public policy issue surrounding Paul's campaign now.

Part of this seems to be based on a so-far completely imagined belief that this particular repetition of the newsletter story cycle is somehow destroying Ron Paul's campaign and that such name-naming or "grappling with the past" is necessary to save that campaign. While this may become true (and the consistent harping on and reminding people of it can't help), there's no evidence for it yet; Paul's still gaining in polls. Note this Fox story headlined "Newsletters, Statements Cause Campaign Problems for Ron Paul" where the only voices they can find who actually thinks it's an important issue belong to Paul's opponent Newt Gingrich and GOP apparatchik Karl Rove and National Review editor Rich Lowry (whose own publication's history has worse to answer to in terms of racial insensitivity combined with actual expressed support for legal actions against the rights of African-Americans, which leads Paul fans to believe that none of this has to do with actual objections to anyone with connections to past awful race-based comments, but with scuttling what is good about the Ron Paul campaign).


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Comment by Ed Price
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If you were a foreign spy coming to America, perhaps a "sleeper" designed to do damage some time in the future, what kind of targets would you have? The military? Positions in Government? Industrial R & D?

If you were a sleeper Democrat who wanted to do the most damage to any and all opposition candidates and potential candidates, where would you go and what would you do?

Seems to me that Ron Paul's office was infiltrated by spies, long ago. Some of them were active, and probably some of them are sleepers, still in there, just waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

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