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Obama signs defense spending bill — with reservations (BUT HE SIGNED IT!)

"The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it," Obama said in a signing statement appended to the measure. "In particular, I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists."  

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Comment by James Eldridge
Entered on: More on this from another view and the entire speech Mr. purple lips gave for signing it into law.

Comment by Ed Price
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Remember the main component of Obama's 2008 platform? It was that if elected, Obama would get us out of Iraq. Is it happening? Yes! In time for the 2012 election, to show us that he keeps his promises, if only so that he can get re-elected. The question that arises from this article is, if he is re-elected, will he KEEP us out of Iraq, and all of the rest? How many other wars will he get us into?

In the link behind this article, the last line of the discussion says: "Regarding a section on the executive branch's authority to detain suspected terrorists, including U.S. citizens captured on the battlefield, Obama said he wanted to clarify that his administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens."

What did Obama say? That he will not authorize the INDEFINITE military detention of American citizens without trial? What is "indefinite?" It is indefinite, isn't it? It means absolutely nothing. Twenty days is indefinite, and so is 20 years. Can you trust Obama? Especially considering his untimely keeping of his 2008 platform promises?

If Obama wins in the 2012 election, or if anyone like him wins, there may not be any 2016 election. And if there is, and if it happens to be a free election, it will be just barely free.

VOTE RON PAUL 2012, and save our freedom.