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Britain Shouldn’t Aid a Lawless America

• New York Times

THE British government will be held in contempt of court later this week if it does not physically produce a prisoner of war whom its special forces captured in 2004 and then handed over to American soldiers.

The current legal drama began in February 2004, when two Pakistani rice merchants, Yunus Rahmatullah and Amanatullah Ali, disappeared on a business trip to Iran. They were held incommunicado for nearly a year before their families learned that they had been captured by British forces in Iraq and then turned over to American soldiers.

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Comment by panocha
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 I like Sumcad's article. This Headline doesn't work. But if you google Obama Should Be The First To Know, by Edwin Sumcad, it will bring you there. Or you can use this:

Comment by Anonymous
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Liberty and Freedom are our eternal legacy as a free people. It is so Godly to behold that no normal individual would deny that these are worth dying for. But when terrorists surface without a head [hiding their face] to claim their liberty to kill and freedom to destroy, President Obama should be the first to know. He should deny the terrorists’ liberty to kill and the freedom to destroy, instead of protecting them, with the mistaken belief that these are liberty and freedom nonetheless.

This Headline: Obama Should Be The First To Know, written by an award-winning journalist, warns the public that our life is in grave danger as long as Obama is president.



Comment by brag
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Writer Lewis is a spokesperson of terrorists. Editor Powell Gammill reported his story of this greatest country on the planet calling it a "lawless America". Gammill accompanied this report with the flag of the United States, calling it "My Country", and under it he wrote "My Ass".

Here is a bunch of "patriots" for you.

No, there is no report that Gammill and Lewis are working together. Although what they are doing is highly suspicious … no, there is no report from Homeland Security – maybe it is coming – that these two are in contact with Yunus Rahmatullah and Arnanatullah Ali in the United States.

If later on Homeland Security will pick them up, I will request my lawyer to file a habeas corpus case in their behalf to produce their body before me.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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This is the case of two Pakistani terrorists residing in the U.S. disguised as rice merchants. They spied for Iran, and finally captured by British forces in Iraq. Britain surrendered "prisoners of war" Yunus Rahmatullah and Arnanatullah Ali to the custody of the U.S. military in Iraq. They were moved to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and confined in a military detention camp.

In a Habeas Corpus case filed in the British court, U.K.’s Court of Appeals ordered the British and U.S. Military to produce the body of the prisoners before the Judge. The British Magistrate who issued such court order must be the most stupid Judge ever known in British and U.S. legal jurisprudences. In his company is this ignorant writer who wrote and published this report in a radical newspaper, the New York Times.

First, British courts have no jurisdiction over the U.S. Government. A British Judge could not order the U.S. Government to do his bidding, notwithstanding how foolish that might be, and threatened this country with contempt. [Nice try.] Second, in the U.S., captured terrorists in this ongoing war of terror, are under the jurisdiction of the Military Tribunal – not under civilian courts.

Third, the British Judge must not have heard about the U.S. newly passed law on national security – the NDAA. Under this national security law, liberty to kill and freedom to destroy are not afforded to terrorists in any court of law. They can be detained for as long as their detention is required.

How many Americans those captured spies helped terrorists killed in the U.S. and Iraq, terrorist mouthpiece Eric L. Lewis just ignored in writing this report.

But at least they are now put away, and from now on you and I, your family and mine are now safe from their treachery and treason.