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The Police State Strips Away Its Mask

•, by Glenn Greenwald

April 08, 2012 "Salon" -- One of the more extreme government abuses of the post-9/11 era targets U.S. citizens re-entering their own country, and it has received far too little attention. With no oversight or legal framework whatsoever, the Department of Homeland Security routinely singles out individuals who are suspected of no crimes, detains them and questions them at the airport, often for hours, when they return to the U.S. after an international trip, and then copies and even seizes their electronic devices (laptops, cameras, cellphones) and other papers (notebooks, journals, credit card receipts), forever storing their contents in government files.

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Comment by panocha
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I think the Department of Homeland Security is not doing enough to dangerous radicals like Poitras and anti-State writers like Greenwald. I want DHS agents to do more to them than what they are just doing now.  How many Americans killed by local terrorists and terrorists abroad because of their anti-American films and anti-U.S. Government writings, only God knows. They should be detained indefinitely without due process under the NDAA and the clandestine secrets of the life turned upside down to see to it that ordinary Americans like us are safe. They should cease to inspire anti-Government haters to mouth silly derogatory statements published in websites. Inspired terrorist coddlers make terrorists bolder to commit murder and to go back to their favorite pastime of bombing cities and urgan centers.

Comment by brag
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Art for Art’s sake, is an established excuse of weirdoes to commit "murder" so to speak, in the world of Arts. These are people who view life in a totally DIFFERENT reality! Art is their kind of Supreme Being that even God is subservient to it. Their concept of Freedom to do whatever they want, and their brand of Morality are to them beyond reproach.

For example, when the Supreme Court struck down Texas Sodomy Law as unconstitutional, sodomy can be practiced in the privacy of the bedroom according to those kinky and gay members of the ruling court. But gays wanted more -- to do it anywhere they want like what they alleged "normal" people do, preferably in public Parks. Thus records show that they are excellent candidates for public ridicule and public lynching! And yet they don’t understand why they are in such a dangerous situation.

In another court ruling, the petition to reverse the decision of the lower court prohibiting the showing of sexual intercourse in the Gallery as an "Art" under the constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Expression, was denied by the appeals court. And yet those "artists" reasoned out that this is what human being do, and why should it be publicly denied! They obviously don’t understand that their concept of Morality, and their reality, are not "normal" in our real world.

This article is Not normal when the author portrayed anti-U.S. Poitras as a "goddess" of Art in Holywood, and therefore she should not be subjected to such "indignities" of security check and bodily search when she lands back in the U.S. airport after cavorting with terrorists from Iraq! In fact judging from her anti-U.S. films denouncing the U.S. Government and portraying our military personnel in Iraq as villains, she should be detained INDEFINITELY without due process as mandated under the National Defense Authorization Act. Security-wise, that would definitely make me and family feel secured.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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You are reading a terrorist propaganda written by an anti-State activists.

This piece is written by a noted radical Liberal anti-State activist. I lined him up as one of the unofficial spokesmen of terrorists who, unable to blow up population centers and/or commit mass murders and wanton destructions since 911, needed a voice in the Media for their slowly wavering cause. With this anti-Government author and associates around, fundamentalists in the Middle East – notably Al Qaeda -- and local terrorists the likes of Timothy McVeigh and company, are assured a voice in the Main Stream Media to keep their dying cause alive.

In this story, anti-Government writer Glenn Greenwald exploited Laura Poitras’ travel experience abroad being subjected to security scrutiny in the airport. The protest against security check in the airport highlighted by the story teller for and in behalf of activist film maker and journalist Poitras is no different from the protest of terrorists whose frustrations to board a plane and blow it up in the air has been going on since 911.

The efforts of these unofficial spokesmen of terrorism have been doubled from the time the Patriot Act was passed, and lately the National Defense Authorization Act, that slowly squeezed the neck of terrorism on the way to their sponsors’ defeat in this on-going war on terror. This explains why this abrasive article that vilifies and maligns the works of the Department of Homeland Security did not come as a surprise to me.

The author proceeds from a faulty argument that because Poitras’ film-making has been Oscar-Emmy nominated, does not mean that she shouldn’t be subjected to airport scrutiny like any passengers boarding the plane. That her security check is more detailed and frequent compared to most of the travelers is because she travels frequently to the Middle East to film the life of Iraqis and Yemenis that were supposed to have been victimized by U.S. soldiers and by the intervention of the U.S. Government in the internal affairs of countries in the Middle East.

Furthermore, she was in contact with terrorists in Iraq and had a familiar rapport with them considering that she was making films for and in their behalf… i.e., in "My Country, My Country", she was filming an "anti-American insurgency" that supports and warms the heart of anti-U.S. terrorists who are fighting American soldiers in Iraq. This "documentary" did not win any award but was nominated for the 2007 Academy Award, more in Holywood’s world of documentary film-making as an Art for Art’s sake.

The author activists confused Arts and National Security in the presentation of this anti-Government propaganda for and in behalf of terrorists in Iraq. In Holywood’s world of Arts, artists may be beholden to Poitras, but to DHS, she is a threat to national security. Whoever you are, a threat to national security always gets a "special treatment" from the FBI and DHS – and thank God because of that, it is getting more and more difficult for the enemy outside of the country and from within, to stage a repeat of that 911 carnage.

This anti-Government propaganda, which any reader couldn’t fail to notice that it found a home in this website, should be read with knowledgeable guidance to the general public, and to the less sophisticated, with parental advice, and to the retarded, it should be read only with the presence of the guardian.

Comment by Rod Souza
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Who are the real terrorist of this world? Let me guess.