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RNC may block Nevada delegation if it seats too many pro-Paul delegates


The Republican National Committee has sent a stern letter to the Nevada Republican Party warning the state not to draw too heavily from supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) for its delegates, reports DC insider blog “The Hill.” If the delegation fails to feature the 20 out of 28 supporters it needs for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), the national committee has warned that it will refuse to seat them at the Republican National Convention this summer.

Rachel Maddow has reported that at this juncture, no delegates have been awarded to any of the candidates from Michigan, Iowa and other states including Nevada. Paul and his supporters have been using their own strategy, including some of the more obscure rules of delegate selection, to pack state committees with their own delegates.

Paul enjoys strong support in Nevada. National officials are becoming worried that the congressman’s popularity could throw a wrench into the works of an otherwise smooth nomination process for Romney.


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