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Scientists: Garlic Fights Common Illness Better than Antibiotics

•, By Anthony Gucciardi

Scientists at Washington State University are now confirming once again what natural health experts have known for years — garlic fights one of the most common food-borne illnesses much more effectively than antibiotics. Garlic has built a strong reputation in fighting infections, a benefit that is but one of many.

Campylobacter bacterium, the name for the common bacteria that often results in intestinal illness, affects around 2.4 million Americans per year and is often treated with illness-linked antibiotics, but maybe not anymore.


According to the researchers, the information ‘opens the door’ to the many benefits of garlic when it comes to preventing and fighting infections. This means treating certain food items, cleaning, and use as a healing food substance.

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A side benefit of chewing enough garlic, is that people won't come around and bother you as much. However, be sure to allow the effects of chewed garlic to wear off before you go grocery shopping, or you just might make some enemies.