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Mexico condemns fatal shooting over border by U.S. agent

• Reuters

The shot was fired by a U.S. Border Patrol agent, the ministry said in the release.

"The Mexican government has reiterated that the disproportionate use of lethal force in immigration control is unacceptable under any circumstances," it said.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Comment by Anonymous
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Hitler made a big mistake in World War II. Instead of invading the former Soviet Union he should have invaded the US together with the Soviet Union and Mexico. Then Germany could own big parts of the US nowadays, and also Russia would own some parts of the US, and Mexico could get back their territory, means California and Arizona. Germans would take care that the Native Americans get back a lot of their territory and all of the honor and respect the deserve. Also England would have lost most of his world power, and so the people in India would adore Germans for kicking the ass of their occupiers, the English empire. In this case everybody would have been satisfied and German and Russian would have become the two most important languages in the World. In World War III, the US and Israhell is possessed to cause by attacking Iran, the honor for taking over the US might go to Iran, Russia and China. Have fun by getting ruled by the Chinese, the Russians and the Persians, hahahahah...

Comment by Anonymous
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Born in the US and being there for centuries? What does it mean? You are the occupiers scam that have caused the Holocaust on the Native Americans, the worst crime ever done in history. You have enslaved the Africans and your Jewish rulers have made big business out of the slave trade. You have supported the Russian bolshevist/judaist Revolution and you have supported Stalin in World War II to occopy an enslave big parts of Europe in the communist tyranny! And now you are making a complain that communism returns to you? I could throw up when I hear these false "Americans" having a complain! You are making wars all around the world all the time, you are torturing, raping and killing children with pleasure, you are causing endless suffering to so many people, animals and the whole nature. And now you are even killing Mexicans on the border for pleasure when they just want to go to their own states like California and Arizona? California and Arizona are belonging to Mexico, you just have occupied this areas. But you, occupiers of America, you do not belong everywhere, and you deserve getting thrown into the dessert! We are tiered about your shitty power games, your sick behavior of dominance and cruelty, your false promisses, your selfishness to promote communism where ever you can to enslave others and then make a complain if you are loosing freedom. You have spread out suffering and slavery so it will come back to you, and you fully deserve it!

Comment by David McElroy
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Of course! Obama is training our Border Patrol agents to run and hide if they are threatened by Mexican trespassers, maybe throw stones if pursued by the drug cartels' gunmen.  How dare Americans defend America! How dare Arizona defend Arizona! Reconquista por Atzlan must be fostered in the great socialist scheme to balkanize the USA. Millions more must be encouraged to come illegally to keep millions of unemployed Americans at a disadvantage. These trespassers enjoy more rights, privileges, and tax-subsidized benefits than we who are natural-born citizens from families that have been here centuries. But we are to surrender and die in the socialist paradigm, to be replaced by those with less education, accustomed to authoritarian regimes in totally corrupt regimes that offer only lower living standards and kangaroo courts.