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Bush-Cheney Torture Protocol: "The Last War Crime" Debuts at Cannes--but Censored in US

•, by Jeanine Molloff

During this summer of Occupy and subsequent police brutality, the subject of torture is hotly denounced by protesters and conveniently ignored by candidates. Like that ostrich diving head first into the sand of political expediency–Americans want to focus on the alleged debt crisis or gay marriage–anything that absolves us from the messy subject of tortures committed in our names by the Bush/Cheney administration and which continue under Obama to the present day. The entire Bradley Manning debacle speaks volumes to this accusation.

In spite of strong evidence identifying Dick Cheney as the mastermind behind this torture regime–the subject remains taboo, both in the ‘news’ business and in Hollywood–that is until Hollywood executives watched trailers for the anti-war documentary–The Last War Crime.

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Comment by Boston Releigh
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 Aye, aye... if not for President George W. Bush's approval of waterboarding, thousands of American could have perished from terrorist plots coughed out from the mouth of captured terrorists in Guantanamo Prison Camp. Bush is a hero most hated by terrorists and their allies within.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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The Bush-Cheney torture protocol that saved millions of American lives.  There is no such thing as "War Crime" imagined to have been committed by this smart-duo who licked Al Qaeda to become impotent in carrying out their agenda of terrorism -- and that is never to strike again another 911 against the the United States. Kudos to these two heroes hated by terrorists and terrorist suspects in our midst, who will be remembered and celebrated by right-thinking Americans for their anti-terrorism success, in the days ahead!