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Air Force spends $59 per gallon on biofuel


If you were mad about $4 per gallon of gas, think about this: the Air Force is spending $59 per gallon on "green biofuel" that supposedly has to compete with traditional petroleum jet fuel.

­The U.S. Navy’s Great Green Fleet demonstration taking place this week, using biofuels at an alarming $26 per gallon, will flaunt the Pentagon’s wasteful spending and is already angering some U.S. lawmakers.

But a lesser-known Air Force demonstration cost the government more than twice as much for biofuels.

Purchasing 11,000 gallons of alcohol-to-jet fuel from a Colorado biofuels company at $59 a gallon, the Air Force spent $649,000 to prove the efficiency of alternative fuels in military aircraft. At a cost of more than half a million dollars, the Air Force hopes the biofuel, purchased from Gevo Inc, will eventually compete with the cost of petroleum jet fuel at $3.60 a gallon.

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Comment by Matt Sch
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Not at all accurate. It might be $3 - $4 here, but there the average gallon of gas costs the military about $100 a gallon due to transport costs mostly. If biofuels, which actually do save money if the market properly allows it because of increased MPG from the fuels and cheaper cost to manufacture, are saving us taxpayers ~$40 for some reason, Im all for it.