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Chicago steals cars if passenger has drugs

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An Illinois appellate court rejected Ivy Jackson’s challenge to Chicago Municipal Code § 7-24-225, which provides that the owner of a vehicle found to contain controlled substances or cannabis is liable for an administrative penalty and permits the taking of their vehicle. Because Chicago Municipal Code still lacks an innocent owner defense, a vehicle owner can lose their car [...]

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Comment by Ed Price
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You Know? This drug thing. I would think that there would be good opportunity for someone (or a small group) with good actuarial and research skills to start a drug-bust insurance company. They could do it through Bitcoin, remaining anonymous same as The Silk Road. They might even make their offers through The Silk Road. Or does something like this exist already?

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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This is status quo across the country. These nazi drones have full sanctions to steal your vehicle and what ever other property you have under any circumstances. They can even murder you with immunity. 

These nazi drones with guns and badges are the most dangerous elements in our society today.

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