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The Most Disturbing Report Yet From iPhone Factory Foxconn

•, Alyson Shontell
 Foxconn is the controversial facility where all of Apple's products are produced.

His mission: Learn about iPhone 5 production.

The reporter kept a detailed journal of each day he spent at Foxconn. The first seven days were spent in training. The 8th day he helped produce the iPhone 5.

He depicts run down facilities, grueling hours, tedious jobs, and disgusting living quarters.

Micgadget has translated most of The Shanghai Evening Post's report. Here are the highlights from the reporter's diary.

Day 1: A sanity test, a perpetual garbage smell, and lots of cockroaches

The reporter contacted Foxconn HR and was told he could work there so long as he was healthy and had proof of citizenship. Then he had to pass a test to see if he was sane. The test asked him questions such as how he had been feeling for the past thirty days. Then he hopped a bus to the factory.

Sleeping at Foxconn was not a pleasant experience. The reporter called it a "nightmare" and said it smelled like a combination of garbage and sweat. "When I opened my wardrobe, lots of cockroaches crawled out from inside and the bedsheets that were being distributed to every new worker were full of dirt and ashes," he wrote.