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Whole Foods knowingly engages in massive GMO deception, says undercover video by ‘Organic Spies’

•, Mike Adams

Whole Foods deceives consumers into unknowingly buying GMOs while financially supporting a GMO supply chain that ultimately enriches Monsanto, charges an explosive new undercover sting video released by Organic Spies. (Link below.)

The video features secret camera footage from a dozen Whole Foods stores in the Los Angeles area, capturing Whole Foods employees lying on camera about the genetically engineered ingredients found in products sold at Whole Foods.

“It’s against our policy to carry anything that’s grown with GMOs in it,” says one employee, caught on camera.

But according to Organic Spies, anywhere from 20% – 30% of Whole Foods products contain GMOs.
When asked whether Whole Foods products contain GMOs, another employee says, “Absolutely not. Because the bottom line for all Whole Foods is no preservatives, no additives, no added growth hormones, no GMOs, absolutely, that’s for everything.”

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Comment by Beowulf Seeks (21578)
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 I think this will be very hard to determine if you have GMO.  When harvest time comes around, ALL farmers, no matter organic, family farm, or corporate dump their grain in the same elevator and it gets mixed together.  The only way to seperate the grains from GMO to organic is to have seperate elevators and each farm will have to have their grains certified either organic or GMO.  The cost would be building new elevators, ship grain in sepreate rail cars, and processed in seperate factories.  The result would be to drive food costs up to the point that it would be very expensive for the consumer.  I too don't want to eat Bio-toxiin corn.  But until everyone demands clean food at affordable cost we will be stuck with GMO.