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David Merrill is a prolific law researcher, writer and contributor on many blogs and internet forums. His research deals with complicated questions of common law, admiralty law, commerce and banking. He did significant research in the 1990's which found its way into Are You Lost At C?, a report that circulated on the web for some time and is regarded by many as a work of invaluable research in spite of its imperfections.

In 2008, he produced two videos that caught the attention of our editorial staff. The issue of lawful money is baffling to the many and over-stood by the few largely because of poor teaching methods. Mr. Merrill's approach was clear and enlightening, to-the-point and deserving of immediate transcription.

The first transcript was compiled by another source whose credits remain in the text. With the exception of inaudible sounds, the transcript has been taken exactly. Anything added to the articles by the transcribers appears within brackets. The original videos can be viewed at the following:
Public Money vs Private Credit:

Federal Reserve Act - Remedy:

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Hi; David Merrill here. I have been aligning my communications pages for maximum teaching on This YouTube video will explain: Please recommend Lawful Money Trust on Nextdoor, and enjoy getting to know real people around you too!