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Dronestagram Reveals the 'Real Places' Hit by U.S. Drones

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Now, a freelance designer is using the service to take viewers on a more serious tour. James Brindle posts satellite images of the towns in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia that U.S. and U.K. drones recently hit, revealing towns as they were before the attacks.

On Nov. 8, the morning after the U.S. election, Brindle posted an image of a Yemeni village that the U.S. struck the night before. That and other Dronestagram pictures come from a Google flyover, which may have occurred a few years ago, so they don't show damage from the drone strikes.

Instead, Brindle intends to remind viewers that the targeted sites are ordinary "towns, villages, junctions and roads," he wrote on his website. "They are the names of places where people live and work, where there are families and schools."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Almost brilliant in reminding people visually that  taxpayers are shaken down to murder real families and neighbors of "targets" along with destroying property.