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UNPRECEDENTED Shortages Of Ammo, Physical Gold And Physical Silver

 Recent events have helped fuel a "buying frenzy" that threatens to spiral out of control. Gun shops all over the nation are reporting that they have never seen it this bad, and in many cases any ammo that they are able to get is being sold even before it hits the shelves. The ammo shortage has already become so severe that police departments all over America are saying that they are being told that it is going to take six months to a year to get their orders. In fact, many police departments have begun to trade and barter with one another to get the ammo that they need. Meanwhile, the takedown of paper gold and paper silver has unleashed an avalanche of "panic buying" of physical gold and physical silver all over the planet. In the United States, some dealers are charging premiums of more than 25 percent over the spot price for gold and silver and they are getting it. People are paying these prices even though they are being told that delivery will not happen for a month or two in many cases.

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Comment by Petunia Skrebbles
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Oh, no, you are kidding?  What a shock!  LOL   Sorry, sarcasm intended.   we warned years ago that was going to happen, especially about the gold and silver.   Back under Bush they passed a law that allows the government to go in an d confiscate anything at all in safe deposit boxes in banks and THE BANKS WERE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL THE BOX HOLDER.   That included gold and silver.  

This is called the sweep  clean up.  The foreign mafia occupied gov now controls about 3/4  of all gold and silver supply and probably all the ammo now.    So, since people would not listen when we could have stopped this,  its time to make your life or death decisions and hope that they are the ones they want you to make or you are dead anyway, especially if your over 40.  Depopulation you know, of useless eaters.