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Opposing Theocracy

• arclein
Theocracy is inherently oppressive and contrary to America's core values. It regards God as the sovereign and source of law. It therefore places the coercive power of the state--including interpretation and enforcement of law--in the hands of believers. It excludes non-believers from the body politic and brings them suffering. In total contrast, the Declaration of Independence regards God not as a source of coercive power, but as a guarantor of inalienable rights including liberty and equality. The Declaration states that government derives its sovereign authority or "just powers" not from God, but "from the c

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are two basic categories that preclude the nonexistence of God. They are the "Pure Random" category, and a category that combines the Second Law of Thermodynamics with ever increasing complexity.


The first category, Pure Random, begs someone to find pure randomness somewhere. In everything that exists that we know of, the thing has come about by orderly causes that caused it to exist as it does. Some of these causes might be violent in their causative activity, but they are orderly in that they follow natural laws built into the universe. ABSOLUTELY NO laws of the universe are ever broken. If it appears that certain universal laws are being broken in nature somehow, it is due to the weakness of the observer in understanding the particular universal laws.

The whole of science is about discovering things, and then discovering why they exist as they do. The more a person is a scientist, the more he attempts to find out causes behind what exists, and then the causes behind the causes. There is no PURE RANDOM. There is no happenstance. There is ALWAYS a cause. In fact, Pure Random is so contrary to our nature, that we do not really understand what it is. The greater the scientist, the less the Pure Random thinker.

What does this have to do with God? Whatever is the Great First Cause, That is God.

This brings us to the second category, something that shows us that the universe is NOT something that simply has existed forever, for untold ages in the past, having no beginning and no ending.


The Second Law of Thermodynamics simply stated says that, inside an enclosed system - like the universe, because universe means everything that exists - everything gradually wears out and runs down. Like a pendulum, everything in the universe should gradually come to rest. All the material and energy of the universe should gradually flow into a completely "dead" state, having the "sameness" throughout its every part.

As we observe the observable parts of the universe, we find a complexity that continually seems to come into being, grow, and then fade. Consider the life of every living thing. Life might not seem to be a very wondrous thing, except for the fact that the complexity of life is so extremely great that scientists and researchers are barely scratching the surface with regard to understanding what it is all about.

For example, researchers and doctors are finding out how to manipulate the complicated genetic machinery of living organisms. But, as in the case of Monsanto, their successes in making things work using genetic manipulation, is something far from being dependable.

If the complexity of the universe were much simpler than it is, researcher would have long ago figured out how to regrow arms and legs on people that had lost them. They would have figured out how to extend the life of a person to 1,000 years in good health. The fact is, that the complex things of the universe are so extremely complex that science is barely any closer to doing great things than they were 200 years ago.


Now, combine the two categories. Combine immense complexity and its companion entropy - two things that have no way of existing together - with the fact that there is NO PURE RANDOM. The result is that this whole universe has been built by SOMETHING that is extremely GREAT beyond anything that we can imagine. And, like the intelligent form of the complexity, so the Builder has extreme intelligence. This is the "Thing" that we call God.


The point is that there is NO WAY that we could ever have a government that is NOT a theocracy. All the governments are theocracies, along with whatever other kind of government they might be. They are either a theocracy containing the God of the universe, or else they are a theocracy of a false god - usually people-gods, who make themselves out to be god by stupidly believing that there isn't any God of the universe, in the face of all the evidence that shows that there is.

With regard to the United States of America, if you take the God of the universe out of American government, you replace Him with a god called "man." And if you look around the world today, the successes of man as god, without the God of the universe, are few and far between.