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Muslims Must Reject Jihad

• Pat Condell
It's time to take sides.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are, perhaps, many similarities between certain aspects of all the religions of the world. And, there are differences, as well. It is the same with all the people who hold to any particular religion. Each person holding to a particular religion, understands his/her religion at least slightly differently than every other person that holds to that same religion.

The difference between Judaism and Christianity, and all the rest of the religions of the world, is the Messiah. Not that all other religions are necessarily lacking a "messiah" or their "messiah," but the Messiah of Judaism - who is the Christ of Christianity - is entirely different than the "messiah" of any other religion that has a "messiah." And a religion without a "messiah" is extremely different than a religion that has one.

What is the major point regarding the Messiah/Christ of Judaism/Christianity that makes Judaism/Christianity extremely different from all other religions? No other religion has a Son of God Messiah, Who gives His life through tremendous punishment and death - enduring the pains of eternal destruction for the sins of the whole world - thereby correcting all the imperfections and corruptions of ALL the people of ALL times throughout the whole world, and yet comes out of it resurrected, and then freely offers the gift of eternal life to all who will accept it.

Tis true that we don't see the eternal life effected upon us yet. But we are coming to understand more and more about the greatness of God, so that we see our, individual, future, resurrected, coming life through faith.


The BIG POINT? Judaism/Christianity and their Messiah/Christ are religions not for this world, and only limitedly for this life. They are religions for the next life, to all who believe, which life will endure in beauty and perfection forever.

Comment by Matt Schnackenberg
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TL Winslow - You are so wrong. Jihad is not bad. It translated to "to struggle in the way of God" which happens to also be what Israel translates to. This is because Israel is the Jewish word for Jihad. Jihads are not any form or sense of warfare. If you actually read the Qur'on you would realize that it is just the Bible or Torah with no order to the text. It advocates the same level of violence that the two other books do. None of which is to destroy another religion or take over another land. Only to defend their own land and places of worship. 

 The nation that needs to reject jihad is Israel.  

Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! The guy wielding the whip in the cover picture in the second video, below, almost looks like Hayreddin Barbarossa, or one of his brothers.

Comment by TL Winslow
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For once I think Condell's going soft in his old age. Muslims can't reject jihad because it's the sixth pillar of Islam - to some, not all, but at least enough to keep the world in turmoil. Either way, jihad is bad, but Sharia is badder, since it makes Allah's religion the Law, with all the retro punishments we see in Saudi Arabia such as beheading. The Woolwich Beheaders were quoting the Quran and trying to say that Allah had deputized them to be street judges like Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd. After the Woolwich Beheaders I hope the Brits are waking up to the need to stop and reverse Muslim immigration so that Britain can return to the halcyon days of atheist-pagan anarchist punk gang violence :)