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Do you have the right to privacy when you're in your car?


Americans were shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- when they learned in early 2013 that the government was collecting data on their cell phone communications and their Internet usage and had been for, like, a decade. But did we really think NSA stood for No Snooping Allowed? Of course not. If there's data available, these guys will mine it.

Speaking of mining data, there's a whole new mother lode of information for their virtual pickaxes, and it's in your car. And you might even have specifically asked for it to be there, too. Your infotainment system that streams Netflix, your GPS, your tollbooth transponder that keeps you from having to toss quarters in the dish -- all of these devices are transmitting data all the dang time. And that's not all: Your in-car security system is transmitting your data, too. So are systems like OnStar or the insurance monitor that gives you a discount for safe driving.

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Comment by Ed Price
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First, you have the right to privacy, with an Amendment to tell the Government, hands off!

Then you gave up the right when you applied for permission to drive when you legally didn't need to do it. See Jack McLamb's info at

Then "they" made laws and court cases that stated that you have the right to certain privacy inside the permission that they gave. Yet, because the laws and court cases don't state every instance of when the right to privacy must be upheld, "they" often jump back to the permission they gave you, and you agreed with - the license - as the allowance for them to invade your privacy.

So, what you do next is take them to court on it. And if you win, your permission is strengthened in the direction of your rights a bit. Of course, for all you know, they might have hidden in some law or court case that permission rights are subject to the whim of some judge or lawmaker.

Why don't you step out of the permission thing, and simply travel by right, rather than licensing your car and yourself, which licensing is not required by law per the Supreme court decisions listed in the cases at the above link?