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IPCC: Global warming is getting deeper

•, By Geoffrey Lean
 Yesterday’s giant climate report was met with a dance and a scream. The dance came when the governments and scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), finally put the finishing touches to the most important analysis yet of its kind after a series of sessions that allowed them only six hours’ sleep in the last 52. The conference manager, Francis Hayes – a former Met Office scientist – donned a Russian hat and performed a Cossack caper in celebration.

The mass scream was part of a demonstration outside the former Stockholm brewery in which they had convened by protesters venting their frustration that governments have largely failed to act on previous warnings. They hope that will change. For this is the first in a year-long series of giant IPCC reports to prepare the ground for an attempt to forge an international agreement on tackling global warming in Paris in December 2015.

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Comment by Sam Fox
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 I remember CLIMATE GATE. That the US must cede sovereignty via a UN treaty. I also say "Follow the money!"

Climate change, global warming, which is it? So, if all this man caused warming is so true, why the name change? Did some one  need a more scary sounding term, one that could been used to 'explain' anomalies in weather because, yup, climate changes. Just like it always has. If it's cooler, "Climate Change" is screamed. If it warms, "See, we were right!" the propagandists proclaim. Some one deep in the background is rubbing their hands together while muttering "We must have control of your country in in order to fix the climate. If we can convince enough people that they are the problem, we can get them to roll over for us." Hence the UN treaty thing.

 I'd also say the term was changed to 'climate change' because people were finding out about the false conclusions based on junk like the debunked 'hockey stick' graph. That's where climate gate comes in. Plus any of us watching our local weather on a regular basis still find that our weather is about the same as usual. Sometimes warmer, sometimes colder, usually weather is within normal averages.

The new term allows a grand alarm at every turn, no matter what the weather is because it's man causing the climate to change, we are told. If man is causing it, why doesn't the earth die every time a volcano goes off? A good volcanic blast puts more junk in the air than man could replicate in a 100 years.

 From what I have found, it's heat that drives carbon, not the other way round.

Next they'll tell us Reefer Madness is an accurate set of documentaries. Just because the propaganda techniques have improved & more people can be brainwashed does not mean the jive is true.

All this reminds me of the fear based 'Patriot' Act, false flags for gun control so like in Boston the govt can do a martial law practice run, indefinite detention..all stuff designed to take more freedom from the populace in the name of govt 'security'. I fear big govt much more than the ghosts of terrorism. We got terrorism because of interventionist foreign policy. It's called 'blowback'. Man caused GW is just another front for govt control. 



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