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One Year Ministry for Jesus

• arclein
John is giving his testimony at the same time that Yahushua is being tempted in the wilderness near the end of his 40-day fast. We read that "the next day", after speaking with the Pharisees, he saw Yahushua coming towards him and

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Actually, all the formulas for envisioning how life could come about are totally guess work beyond guess work. So why would anyone think that the Jesus time-period would be anything other than what the Bible suggests? We CAN'T figure it out how it works.

For example. If evolution were THE thing, why not evolution elsewhere in the Universe that caused a form of life that advanced supremely faster than human life. Why not a form that became intelligent enough to mentally control all space and time? Once it got to that point, why would it want to maintain its own and the Universe's evolutionary past? Why not change the past, getting rid of all evolution while maintaining its own existence? Something like this is way easier understood than HOW life could evolve in the first place.

Jesus, being God, has His own way of doing things. We will never understand anything if we do not accept Him for what he is as the Bible teaches. But if we DO accept Him, He promises to show us marvels beyond our greatest imaginings, including a thing like our personal resurrections.