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This is an electromagnetic device that, depending on how binding to be connected to ground grid, shall move particles of energy for performing work instantly via electromagnetism. The sensor requires only a small amount of power continuously supplied from an external power source, which may be the local power utility. With this small amount of electricity consumed the sensor generates a large electromotive power. Depending on your constructive manner, the sensor can generate a power hundreds of times greater than the energy that was consumed for generation.
The Captor Electron can be used to generate energy in any part of the power grid, according to the needs of the project, in low, medium or high voltage (the final consumers or the electric utilities, but always depending on a power plant primary).
The sensor generates electricity through the movement of electrical particles in constant motion, regardless of whether or not doing work. A magnetic dipole being connected to the load, there arises the sensor / ground circuit, causing the current generated and used to perform work is injected into the network, the phase in the form of electricity corresponding to the same active power consumption of the loads . This effect enables the integration of power generation among consumers, utilities and power plants.

In the capture process no mass or chemical transformation process, only electricity generating electricity, natural and simple way.

Examples prototypes obtained by

1) - Consuming only 21 W 220 V the sensor generates an output 12.1 KW to feed a load of 6000 W 220V

Weight: 1.5 Kg

Measurements: 20x30x15 cm

2) - Consuming only 2000 W 220 V the sensor generates an output of 282 700 W 220V

Weight: 40 Kg

Measurements: 60x40x20 cm


Results socio-environmental and economic: Environment

With the use of technology to capture electrons to generate electricity no harm to the environment because there is no mass transformation processes, chemical processes or devices that cause environmental impacts.

Energy consumption

A single-phase consumer unit requires only around 2% of its total electricity demand is supplied by the utility. This small consumption keeps Captor Electron running, generating electricity corresponding to the total demand of this consumer.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Let's assume for a second that all the laws of physics are true. While we understand how to generate electricity from several different sources - all sorts of hydroelectric; combustion fired generation plants; solar receptors; wind; geothermal; etc. - we don't have a clue as to where the foundational operations of each gets their impetus.

We barely understand the generalities of how the waters are made to move in nature so that we can harness their power for electricity.

What makes the winds blow? And how predictable are they?

Are we absolutely sure that we understand the sun's production of heat and energy? Nobody has been there to test it out for sure. While we may not be guessing, there is a lot we don't know about all the energy that the sun puts out. And the amounts that we tap for making our electricity are infinitesimally small.

Where do the fossil fuels come from? There are a lot of good theories that are suggesting that so-called fossil fuels are being made in large amounts on a regular daily basis, right in the ground under our feet.

All the ideas about where volcano heat comes from and how it is or was made are really only theories. Yet geothermal is far greater than all the energy we make... even with nukes.

The point is, as far as we are concerned, all of our current, standard methods for producing electricity are really PERPETUAL MOTION. Why? Because the sources come to us, and go from us, and we only tap a tiny amount for our purposes. Essentially the nature of the universe is so far beyond us in duration of time, and in power movement, that even if it were NOT perpetual motion, to us in our tiny spot in the universe, it might as well be PM.

These guys simply found a new way of tapping into it. Their new way isn't hydro-, wind, solar, geothermal, combustion or anything that we commonly understand. But talk that says that they can't do it is crazy IF THEY ARE DOING IT. After all, all electricity production falls into the category of at least almost perpetual motion.

If anyone says there is no perpetual motion, he is working for the power elite who are getting rich controlling the perpetual motion that comes to us from the universe in the ways that are standard, ways that everyone knows about. When they say that the perpetual motion that they use is NOT PE, they are taking our focus away from the fact that there are other ways, in order to make us think that they have the only ways, when in reality there probably are countless methods all around us for producing all the electricity we want and need right at everyone's own home.

Comment by GrandPoobah
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This is a stupid test.   Lets assume, for argument sake, that one of the most basic known laws of physics is false.   That energy can really be created out of nothing.   

 From a greed capitalism point of view, this system clearly does not work.   If you are not stupid then you can figure out why, if this system really worked, the inventor would be minting money by selling energy.