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Chrisman case: Ex-police officer sentenced to 7 years in prison

• FOX News
Sentencing for a former Phoenix Police officer who plead guilty to manslaughter charges after shooting and killing an unarmed man while responding to a domestic violence call....
Chrisman asked the judge for leniency and that's what he got -- the minimum sentence of seven years in prison for shooting and killing Daniel Rodriguez....

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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7 years in solitary confinement is no joke.

 It may seem that Crismon's sentence was light (and if judged merely by years issued, it is), but as bad as prison is, solitary confinement (because he was a police officer and can't be in general population, where he will be killed) is many magnitudes more brutal on the mind and will likely drive him insane.

Comment by Temper Bay
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Justice didn't find Chrisman in the courts (no surprise here) so maby it will in prison.