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For Police, Murder is a Time-Saving Device

• by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)
“We don’t have time for this!” exclaimed a police officer as he shot and killed a psychologically troubled, 90-pound teenage boy who had already been tasered and was pinned down beneath two other officers. The victim, 18-year-old Keith Vidal, was “armed” with a screwdriver at the time of his death....

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Comment by Ed Price
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If this is the true and complete story, if there are not some really good extenuating circumstances, this cop should get the maximum penalty for murder 1.

Have you noticed that these kinds of things have been happening more and more lately? Here's what I think it is about.

Much of law enforcement has been informed about the impending FEMA martial law that is coming. They have been shown that it is almost upon us. Our paramilitary police force is like an archer who has drawn the bow way back. The arrow has been nocked, and the bow has been drawn, the string is at the cheek. All that's needed is the FEMA command to let fly.

The bad cops don't care. As long as they don't get execution for their crimes, they will be released and rewarded in the FEMA take-over.

The good cops are in a big quandary. They all have families. And they know that their families and extended families will die if they even breathe a word of this, to say nothing about what would happen if they should DO something about it.

With regard to the police force, the only thing left is to weed out the weak ones, the ones who support the Constitution, the ones who might not follow FEMA commands.

It's time our city Governments authorize a second police force made up of average citizens. This police force should be all volunteer, autonomous, well armed and well trained... and controlled by the people in small, local neighborhood groups.

Freedom's Phoenix recently had an article on this kind of thing happening in Josephine County, Oregon, when the sheriff's department couldn't raise the funds to continue full operations -

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Him" rel="bookmark" href="">Family Calls N.C. Police To Home During Son’s Schizophrenic Episode . . . Police Repeatedly Taser The Boy, Pin Him On Ground, and Then Shoot Him



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