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Tax-Free “Charity” NFL Paid $29.5 Million To Commissioner And Only $2.1 To Charity

The latest figures will only deepen that controversy. In 2012, the NFL gave only $2.3 million to charity and virtually all of that went to the NFL Hall of Fame. In the meantime, it gave NFL commissioner Roger Goodell $29.5 million for what many consider the greatest – and easiest — job in the world. Through creative bookkeeping, the NFL is also claiming to be actually in the red by some $316 million.
What is bizarre is that Goodell is making a tenth of what the NFL claimed to make in total assets in 2012 — $255 million.
Think of what that ratio would mean in large corporations. The same year, Exxon made $16 billion . If Goodell was CEO of Exxon, he could demand 1,600,000,000 in salary.

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