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Letter Re: A Science Based Technique for Seasoning Cast Iron

 Here is the relevant extract: 'Perhaps no other related topic is so rife with garbage on the internet than the seasoning of cast iron pans. It is cancerous with political correctness and completely removed from practicality. I think the worst that I have read was someone selling new pans and (proudly) saying he seasoned them with flax seed oil. Flax seed oil? That is just about the most unstable polyunsaturated oil there is. It is so unstable -- read easy to oxidize -- one never cooks with it, ever. To subject it to high heat for seasoning can create dangerous compounds and guarantees lousy performance. It is difficult to express just how stupid that is. I've also read where people spray a pan with no-stick spray then throw the pan in the oven at 500F for three hours, a pointless expensive exercise that might burn the house down.'

Here is the full article. I haven't the foggiest notion who is right and who is wrong on this matter, but I thought it worthy of being brought to your attention. - J.B.

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