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Religious Freedom – Lead by Example

•, by Ivan Eland
 Obama’s remarks hearkened back to memories of Al Gore saying that climate change was a national security issue. In fact, lobbying groups regularly try to dub their causes as vital to the national security to get more government attention, effort, and money thrown at them. For example, manufacturers of boots are always trying to say they are vital to the national security – does that include women’s Ugg boots, which seem to be the fashion rage?

And promoting freedom of faith overseas by the US government actually might be dangerous. Does promotion mean using only rhetoric – as Obama did at the breakfast when he was clearly pandering in an attempt to score points with the US religious community – or does it mean employing stronger means such as coercing foreign governments economically or even militarily to change their toleration of religion or particular sects or denominations.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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Oh, lordy!  Is the empire now going to start fighting more Crusades under the guise of freedom of religion?  How about freedom FROM religion every once in a while?

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