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Rick Santelli Summarizes The Problem: "It's The Government"

•, by Tyler Durden

While the guests on Friday's CNBC closing bell were giddy with excitement about earnings, US stocks, and 'the recovery' being "a lot stronger than people give it credit for", Rick Santelli asked a simple question, if it's all so great why is the Fed still printing billions of dollars each month? A disquieted crowd of asset-gatherers attempted a response but made the mistake of uttering the most inflammable 7 words Santelli could hear... "Where would we be without the government?" What ensued is worth the price of admission...
The guests exchange pleasantries as the "asset managers" explain how 'anecdotally' it's so awesome out there..and Rick explains his perspective on the Fed...

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Of course, Governments ARE the problem - around the planet they are selling out, to the International Central Bankers, who seek to enslave Humanity, to themselves, ultimately, but, the International Central Bankers, have also enlisted many other CORPORATIST GLOBALISTS (FASCISTS) (the 1% who OWN the corporations) into assisting them, in this endeavor.   The Governments, whose historical reason for existing in the first place, was to protect the people, are now siding with the 1% International Central Bankers and their Corporatist/Globalist Fascist Corporate Cronies, to enslave Humanity.  THAT is what is happening.

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