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Weekend Watching: Under Our Skin - Documentary About Lyme Disease


What do you guys know about Lyme Disease?

I have a friend who was diagnosed with it, and is undergoing (brutal) treatment. I didn't know much about it, so she recommended that I watch this film. It was an eye opener for sure! Lyme is a controversial, often misdiagnosed, and highly politicized disease. This film is an extremely well done introduction. Wow. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I learned so much.

I urge you to watch it for your own awareness and protection.

Under Our Skin:

In the 1970s, a mysterious and deadly illness began infecting children in a small town in Connecticut. Today it's a global epidemic. A real-life thriller, this shocking festival hit exposes the controversy surrounding chronic Lyme disease. Following the stories of individuals fighting for their lives, director Andy Abrahams Wilson reveals with beauty and horror a natural world out of balance and a human nature all too willing to put profits before patients.

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