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Putting A 9/11 Mystery On The Ballot


Working for the Los Angeles TimesI had arrived at the World Trade Center as the South and North Tower were making their rapid and deadly descents in the morning. That afternoon, I called in a series of reports to a staffer in the New York bureau.

I was literally on the phone with the office at 5:21 p.m., describing the fires burning in the structure as the building began?and completed? its remarkably fast, smooth descent to the ground. I described the building neatly pancaking, and the Pulitzer Prize winner on the other end taking my dictation declared: "That sounds like a controlled demolition."

In fact, I have seen controlled demolitions before and since?and indeed, that was exactly what the destruction of Building 7 looked like, except perhaps for a marginally slower collapse of the top portion

As with most people, I was baffled by how Building 7?a smaller, 47-story tower that had not been hit by a plane and was separated from the Twin Towers by low-rise buildings?would come down at all. It just made no sense.

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