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Is This Why We Need "Government"?


There are several aspects of this Ray Rice story that are worthy of comment; for example, the power of a video in the outrage toward Rice as opposed to the lack of power in the written word in the lack of outrage toward Floyd Mayweather, by all accounts an infinitely more troubling character than is Ray Rice.

I want to consider another aspect: the victim's role in deciding about prosecuting the perpetrator, and the possible mental incapacity of the victim in this regard.

As he always does, Victor Ward raises valuable points through his unique lens on the world.  He addresses this Ray Rice situation along with a handful of other recent, high-profile, racially-charged stories.  I offer the following, relevant point, from his post:

Everyone wants to condemn Ray Rice for hitting his wife, everyone, that is, except for his wife. If she has accepted his apology, isn't that the end of the story?

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