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The Mindset and Experience of a Single Competent Female Prepper, by Skylar


My early years were spent trying to prove that women can be effective and competent in a survival setting without having to become "one of the guys" or Rambo-esque. It took me a couple of tries before I found an organization to work for that shared this view. I spent the next 10 years working for Outward Bound, and I have loved the experience it brought. Both genders need to be able to step in and out of whatever role is needed, at any given time. I think it is a huge, possibly detrimental, mistake to get stuck in gender-driven roles.

So, one of my first pieces of advice I would give any woman is to lose the gender bias and develop an authentic "can-do" mindset. Notice I said "authentic". Reading and gathering information isn't it. Nor is a vacation into the wilderness. Granted, they are good starts, and you can learn a lot, but it is just that– a start. You need tons of practice in all sorts of conditions. You may have ten different ways of starting a fire, but can you start and sustain a fire after it has been raining for days? Can you set up a tarp or tent in windy and/or rainy weather? Can you navigate without electronic techno gadgets and gizmos? HoweverSo forth and so on.

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