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Toxic Chemicals Your Body Is Absorbing Prepare to Bug In

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There are over 10,000 chemicals that are unregulated and untested in the cosmetic industry. Despite these chemicals not having been proven safe, they are used in everyday items we apply to our body. Worse than that, some of these chemicals are used in industrial cleaning products. Lets look at the toxic chemicals your body is absorbing and how to avoid them.

One of the most commonly used chemicals is sodium laurel sulfate. It is the component that creates the sudsy, bubble lather that people believe cleans their skin. It's actually corrosive. So it does clean your skin but in a way that strips your skin of all its protection. Our skin is our largest organ so it is absorbing thousands of chemicals a day. If you can not eat the product, you may want to rethink putting it on your body. The average women puts over 500 chemicals on her body each day through the products she uses. Your body absorbs these chemicals transdermally and then has to process them as toxins. To find out which cosmetics are safe to use, visit: or the environmental working group at

Toxic Chemicals Your Body Is Absorbing

toxic chemicals your body is absorbing

Toxins build up in the body over time. These toxins can lead to weakened immune function, hormone or reproductive issues and cancer. When we stop to think about the cumulative effect of all the chemicals we place in and on our body daily, we should be alarmed. Switching from toxic products to natural products is one way we can detoxify our lives. Since our skin is constantly losing mositure throughout the day, we rehydrate by slathering lotion on us that contains toxic chemicals. It is important to stay hydrated and moisturize your skin as it aids in warding off fine lines, wrinkles and scaly crocodile looking skin. We want to do it with good products. We love coconut oil. Coconut oil is a supremely diverse food which holds many health benefits. We can eat it, cook with it and it is extremely moisturizing to the skin. A good rule of thumb is to moisturize within 3 minutes of pat drying because the pores quickly shrink.Now that we know how to identify the toxic chemicals your body is absorbing through products put on our skin lets make an effort to detoxify our lives. Visit and learn more about the chemicals found in everyday products.

Action steps to get rid of the toxic chemicals your body is absorbing: Now that we know the toxic chemicals your body is absorbing and how to avoid them, begin throwing away the toxic products in your home. Try using coconut oil instead of lotion to decrease the number of toxic chemicals your body is absorbing.

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