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6 Lessons Hollywood Could Learn From the Success of 'Dumb and Dumber To'


Dumb and Dumber To made an astonishing $38 million this weekend, exceeding even the most optimistic expectations. To be clear, this long-awaited sequel featuring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and directed by the Farrelly brothers isn't a great movie — especially when compared to the brilliant 1994 original. But it hardly mattered. There was a huge appetite to see Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas reunite for another adventure and audiences were happy to ignore the 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We didn't love it, but we eagerly await a third one.

Almost more astounding than the huge box office figures, however, is the fact that it took 10 years for Hollywood to green light the picture. For whatever reason, they weren't convinced the idea of a sequel would be a surefire hit, despite the fact that Carrey, Daniels and the filmmakers were all ready to move forward. It's a perfect example of Hollywood's complete failure to realize what audiences want to see on the big screen. Here are six things the industry should learn from this.

1. Age Doesn't Matter.
There's this persistent myth that young people won't see a movie where the stars are even close to the age of their parents. But according to The Hollywood Reporter, 43% of the audience for Dumb and Dumber To was under 25 — which means that a healthy portion of the audience didn't see the original when it first came out. They fell in love with the characters later through repeat viewings on DVD and cable. Most of them could not have cared less that Jim Carrey is 52 and Jeff Daniels is 59.

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