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Americans may soon experience nationwide martial law as divisive tensions rise


Health Ranger Adams outlines contributing factors to the collapse scenario – both in the U.S. and abroad – and makes a convincing argument regarding how any one of these factors alone could trigger a breakdown of civilization, not to mention how a combination of such could lead to a total collapse of law and order almost overnight.

In the paper's executive summary and introduction, Adams identifies the threats and their causes.

From the introduction:

"Several events are converging that could cause major societal disruptions and chaos in the coming months, including the election of a new U.S. president, world conflict, terrorism at home and attacks on our infrastructure."

The threats include rising tensions between ethnic groups and races (which are being stoked by the current administration); the vulnerability of the nation's power' target='_blank'> grid (which could be the target of attack or disabling by natural forces such as a massive solar event); the out-of-control national debt (which could provoke an economic collapse); geopolitical tensions abroad (which could lead to a full-blown world war); biological and viral disease threats (made worse by uncontrolled immigration); and the possibility that the election of Donald J. Trump could incite rioting and the>col... of civil order (exacerbated by the tensions created by Obama-backed "social change" forces and other groups).

In the body of the report, Adams gives detailed evidence and explanations regarding each of these threats, along with insights as to how and why they have emerged.

The logical and predicted outcome of these threats (singly, or in combination) is likely to be a nation plunged into the invoking' target='_blank'>">invoking of martial law. It has happened before on a national scale (by President Lincoln during the Civil War era) and at other times on a more limited scale (as during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans).


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