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Vaccine-induced tissue damage almost universally misdiagnosed as child abuse


(NaturalNews) Imagine agreeing to have your child vaccinated as part of the typical pediatric process, only to have your little one suddenly come down with a mystery disease following the shots, for which you get falsely accused of child abuse. This is increasingly the case with "mystery" conditions like Kawasaki disease, Reye's syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and various other related afflictions that a prominent doctor recently exposed as being misdiagnoses of vaccine-induced tissue damage.

Dr. Michael Innis, a retired hematologist from Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, recently published a paper in the journal Clinical Medicine Research that addresses this general phenomenon of tissue scurvy, a vaccine-induced autoimmune disorder that inhibits the body from properly metabolizing vitamin C. Because of a lack of insulin, vitamin C is prevented from passing out of the bloodstream and into the cells where it is needed, resulting in a host of symptoms that mainstream medicine has erroneously classified as "non-accidental injury," or child abuse.

This alleged child abuse takes many forms, including as the aforementioned diseases which have sent many a parent to prison. But Dr. Innis' paper reveals that each one of these disorders has a common link which cannot be attributed to physical trauma. To the contrary, hyperglycemia, or a lack of insulin resulting from antigenic stress caused by vaccines, is the common denominator in all of these diseases, and the one that serves as the smoking gun in vindicating falsely accused parents of crimes they did not actually commit.

"The many faces of tissue scurvy in childhood include sudden infant death syndrome, alleged non-accidental injury, shaken baby syndrome, abusive head trauma, inflicted brain injury, Reye's syndrome, Kawasaki disease, anaphylaxis and diabetes type I," wrote Dr. Innis, who decided to conduct his research after desperate parents sought him out in search of answers.

"All have one feature in common -- hyperglycemia, the signature of insulin deficiency resulting from vaccines, and other forms of antigenic stress which damage the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans resulting in hypoinsulinemia and tissue scurvy."

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