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A Massive 'Coronal Hole' on the Sun is Blasting Earth w/ Solar Storms That Could CRIPPLE Pow

• LewRockwell.Com - Libby Plummer and Mark Prigg

Solar winds triggered a giant geomagnetic storm this week, raising fears that they could cripple power supplies.

The charged particles are coming from a coronal hole on the sun that is currently facing Earth.

If Earth's magnetic field was hit by charged particles the effects could also include radar and satellite interference, causing problems phone and internet networks and navigation services.

Power grid operators in the US were put on alert yesterday following concerning space weather forecasts. But the impact could be felt all over the world.

Warnings were issued by the operator of the biggest power grid in the US, PJM Interconnection LLC, as well as by Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which manages high-voltage power lines across North America, reports Bloomberg

These were the result of US Space Weather Prediction Center raising a 'serious' G3 level storm alert, though the alert was later downgraded to a less severe G2 storm.

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